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Renee and Ed dancing with others at an outdoor milonga
Renée and Ed dancing with others at an outdoor milonga

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Renee and Ed dancing the Argentine Tango
Renée and Ed dancing the Argentine Tango

Dancing Naturally

Dancing Naturally is a relaxed, informal style of partner dancing suitable for social occasions. Posture and steps are natural as in normal walking. There are no exaggerated or decorative arm movements or embellishments. Dancing naturally can be authentic and graceful.

Most partner dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, Swing, Ballroom Latin dances, Salsa, Merengue and others can be danced naturally.

Our Argentine Tango classes are taught in authentic Argentinean style.

The goal of Dancing Naturally is to enjoy the experience of dancing - the partnership, the music and the interpretation of music in the dance.

Dancing Naturally makes it far easier to learn dancing and to start dancing socially. Once a dancer becomes proficient in a particular dance, the dancer can, if she or he wishes, develop performance oriented styles of dancing such as ballroom dancing.

In the early stages of learning how to dance, a person can become overwhelmed with different details. This can cause errors and frustration. Many a beginner dancer gives up dancing as a result.

Dancing Naturally enables dancers to build on their dance skills gradually and progressively, enjoying the learning at each step. It builds on success and promotes confidence.

To find out more and to learn how to dance naturally, please contact us.