Conrad Black Trial - Radler Recall Overruled

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Conrad Black Trial: Judge Rules Radler Cannot be Recalled as a Witness

June 6, 2007.Judge St. Eve has ruled that the defence cannot recall David Radler, Lord Conrad Black's former business partner, as a witness.

The judge also denied a motion to dismiss the charges against Mark Kipnis, Hollinger International Inc.'s former general counsel.

In making a motion for Kipnis' acquittal, his lawyer Ron Safer wrote "There is absolutely no evidence that Mark (Kipnis) had any motive to commit fraud." On Monday, June 4, 2007, Judge Amy St. Eve said Kipnis is "differently situated than the other defendants."

There is no word on the defence motion that the obstruction of justice charge against Black be dropped.

Jurors were given the day off by Judge Amy St. Eve since some defence witnesses were unavailable. The trial will resume Thursday, June 7 and is expected to wrap-up within a couple of weeks.