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Shenshai / Gregorian Calendar

We have placed the Shenshai date i.e. ruz or roj, and month i.e. mah, within the Gregorian calendar month grid. The day name is noted first and the month mah name is noted below the day in parenthesis.

To view a calendar grid for a different month and year, select the month and year from the following boxes and click go. Go

Calendar Conversion

Use the form below to convert Gregorian calendar dates to Shenshai calendar dates. Click on the tab to convert Shenshai Gregorian dates.

For example, to find the ruz/ roj (day) and mah (month) of your birthday, type the date in the format shown. In the next box, if you wish to find the day and month name in the year you were born, type in that year. Or type in any year for which you want the information.

* Date: Enter the Gregorian date for which you would like to find the roj (mm-dd-yyyy).
* Roj: Select the roj to convert to Gregorian calendar date.
* Mah: Select the mah (month) to convert to Gregorian date.
* Year: Enter the year for which you would like to determine when the roj occurs (yyyy).
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Adapted from Zarthoshti Anjuman of Northern California, (Kainaz Amaria), under creative commons license

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