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Zoroastrian Heritage

Author: K. E. Eduljee




Page 1

Building of Persepolis


The Building of Persepolis

Location of the Site and Size

Identification of the Site

Reconstruction Images and Virtual Tours - Links

Photographic Archives

Persepolis Site Map

Page 2

Gate & Hall

Stairway to the Gate of All Nations & Xerxes' Inscription

Gate of All Nations

The Apadana or Audience Hall

Page 3


The Hall of a Hundred Columns

The King and Queen's Palace

The Treasury

Construction Features

The Rediscovery of Persepolis

Page 4

Destruction by Alexander

Destruction Accounts

Account of Diodorus Siculus

Page 5


Persepolis Reconstructed

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Page 5. Videos
The Richest City Under the Sun

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Persepolis Recreated

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