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Zoroastrian Heritage

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Photo Credit: youngrobv (Rob & Ale) at Flickr



Early Persian History

Page 1. Pre-Achaemenian History


Persian Entry Into Aryan/Iranian Group of Nations

Persians and Medes in Zoroastrian History

Persians and Medes as Aryans

Persians as Migrants

Lake Urmia & the Early Parsua (9th Century BCE)

Extent of Parsua (8th Century BCE)

Constant Assyrian Raids, Destruction & Looting

Impetus to Migrate

Migration & Trade

Page 2. Early Achaemenian History

Unification and Nation Building under the Achaemenids

Hakhamanishah / Achaemenes

Parsamash / Parsumash (7th century BCE)

Persians & Elamites

Susa Shush



Chishpish / Teispes

Ariyaramna / Ariaramnes

Kurush I / Cyrus I

Arshama / Arsames

Kabujiya I / Cambyses I

Achaemenian Timelines

Persian's Zoroastrian-Aryan Lineage

Persian or Parsi Zoroastrians

Features of Persian Migration

Page 3. Videos

Achaemenian Empire

Engineering an Empire

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Achaemenian Empire

Engineering an Empire

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