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Zoroastrian Heritage

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Zoroastrian Worship
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Act of Worship - Prayers and Praying

The Eternal Flame

Prayer and the Manthra

Early Zoroastrian Worship

No Temples or Altars
Worshipping on High Places

Articles of Faith

Sudrah/Sudre/Sudreh and Kusti/Kushti

Sace / Ses Ceremonial Tray



Fire, Light & Zoroastrianism

Fire as a Symbol of Everything Sacred

Fire & Early Science

Fire & Energy

Five Fires or Energies

Fire of Creation

Spiritual Fire - Mainyu Athra

Fire Illuminating the Path of Asha

Eternal Flame

Fire in Worship

Three Grades of Fires Used in Worship

1. Atash Bahram

2. Atash Adaran

3. Atash Dadgah

Three Great Fires

Farnbag Fire. Adur Farnbag. Azarfarnbag

Gushasp Fire. Adar Gushasp. Azargoshab

Burzen-Mehr Fire. Adur Burzen-Mihr. Azarbuzinmehr

Legendary Discovery of Fire

Jashne Sadeh / Hiromba

Wood Fires

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Places of Worship

Early Fire Houses and Temples

Era of No Temples

Advent of Fire Houses and Temples

Fire House Concept

Chahar-Taqi Fire Temple Design

Ani, Armenia, Turkey

Chahar-Taqi Fire Temples in Iran

Surakhani, Baku, Azerbaijan


Surakhani - Hindu or Zoroastrian Temple?

Seven Fires

Khinalig Atashgah

Modern Fire Temples
Atash Bahram

Grades of Fires and Temples

Atash Bahram / Behram

Iranshah Atash Bahram, Udvada, India

Desai Atash Bahram, Navsari, India

Dadiseth Atash Bahram, Mumbai, India

Modi Atash Bahram, Surat, India

Vakil Atash Bahram, Surat, India

Wadia Atash Bahram, Mumbai, India

Banaji Atash Bahram, Mumbai, India

Anjuman Atash Bahram, Navsari, India

Yazd Atash Bahram, Yazd, Iran

Modern Fire Temples
Agiary, Atashkadeh, Darbe Mehr

Grades of Fires and Temples

Atash Adaran, Agiary, Atashkadeh

Early History of Mumbai's (Bombay's) Fire Temples

Atash Dadgah, Dar-e-Mehr or Darbe Mehr



The Role of Early Priests

Athravan and Magi

Dadgah - Courts

Common Law Conflict Resolution

Atash Dadgah

Priest as Judge - Dastur

Common Law vs. Royal Law

Modern Priests

Ervad or Herbad





Zoroastrian Pilgrimage

Yazd, Iran Pilgrimage Sites - Pirs

The Six Pirs and Pilgrimage Calendar

Age of the Pirs

Responsibility for the Pirs

Associated Legends

Stories of Hidden Treasure & Vandalism

The Six Yazdi (Iran) Pirs

Pir-e Sabz / Chak-Chak

Seti Pir

Pir-e Naraki

Pir-e Banu

Pir-e Narestaneh

Pir-e Herisht

Cypress at Abarkuh / Abarqu


Udvada (Udwada)


Liturgical Ceremonies

Ceremonies & Liturgies

Liturgy Definition

Types of Ceremonies

Ceremonies of the Outer Circle

Ceremonies Using the Atash Dadgah


Setting & Sofreh


Afringan Ceremony

1. Atash Nyaish and Doa-Nam Satayashne

2. Dibache, Afringans and Afrins

3. Doa Tandorosti

Baj Ceremony

Dron Ceremony

Ceremonies of the Inner Circle

Yasna Ceremony

Yasna Meaning

Yazishn-Khana / Gah

Time or Gah / Geh of the Ceremony

Preparatory Activities


Parahom Preparation Implements/Alat

Pre-Yasna Ceremony. Parayagna/Paragna

Preparation of Parahom Extract During the Parayagna / Paragna Ceremony

Preparation of the Hom Extract During the Yasna Ceremony

Visperad Ceremony

Vendidad Ceremony

Healing Prayer

The Manthra

The Manthra, Meditation & Healing

A Healthy, Balanced Mind and Spirit

Zarathushtra's Meditation

Source of Light

Mountain Caves & Caverns

Daily Prayers & Serenity


Memories While Growing Up

The Healing Manthra & Nirang

Articles of Faith

Sudreh & Kusti

Head Covering

Home Altar

Book of Prayers