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How to Sprout Wheat and Lentils (Adas):
• Purchase whole grains and lentils and ensure from the seller that the grains and lentils are suitable for sprouting.
• Start the sprouting process 2 weeks prior to Nowruz.
• Place a 1 cm thick layer of grain or lentils good amount of seed on a nice plate or dish. A thinner layer produces a less dense growth.
• Soak the seeds in water for two days and then place them on a shallow plate and cover the seeds with a cotton cloth or thin towel.
• Place the covered seeds in a sunny location or under a light.
• Keep the grain moist (not soaking wet or dry) by squirting water over the shoots several times a day. Keep them covered with the cloth.
• In about 2 or 3 days, small sprouts appear. Remove the cloth and let the sabzeh grow (increased exposure to the sun will increase the growth speed).