Conrad Black Trial - The Non-Compete Payments Had Board Approval

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Conrad Black Trial. Defence: Non-Compete Payments were Approved by the Board and the Audit Committee

April 5, 2007. To counter the assertions made by the prosecution that the non-compete payments made to Black and Black's associates via his private company Hollinger Inc., were illegal, Edward GensonBlack's lawyer Edward Genson, brought in a former secretary at Hollinger International as a witness.

Genson had the secretary read board meeting minutes that showed the entire board as well as its audit committee had full knowledge of the payments and approved the payments. In addition, fairness to shareholders was discussed and negotiated at the meetings.

The payment made to Black and his associates by purchasers of newspapers belonging to Hollinger Inc. are central of the prosecution's case that Black is guilty of theft. If the defence can show that, even if they were excessive, unfair or inappropriate, there was nothing illegal about the payments.