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Zoroastrian Heritage

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Aghanistan Relief Map
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Achaemenian Empire

Afghanistan Relief


Aryan Homeland (Airyana Vaeja) region

Greater Aria region

Aryans Nations of the Avesta

Assyrian Empire

Balkh / Bakhdhi (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan)


Bazar-Dara, Pamirs, Tajikistan

Central Asia - Modern

Central Asia - Satellite View


Greece 500-450 BCE

Greece-Persian Empire 500-450 BCE

Himalayas West, Tibet, Kashmir

Hormoz island 1747

India N, Himalayas W, Kashmir

Iran - Provinces

Iran - Relief #1

Iran - Relief #2

Iran - Northwest

Iran - Linguistic Distribution


Khvarizem (Uzbekistan)


Mesopotamia Region

Mesopotamia - Lower

Mesopotamia - Upper

Middle East - Modern

Middle East - Ancient

Nations of Achaemenian Empire

Pamirs - Tajikistan

Parthia - Rawlinson

Persian Historical Sites

Persian Achaemenian Empire

Persia 1870 ACE

Ptolemy (90-168 CE) - World

Ptolemy (90-168 CE) - Asia

Ptolemy (90-168 CE) - Aria

Ptolemy (90-168 CE) - East Asia

Sugd / Sughdha (Uzbekistan/Tajikistan)

Tajikistan - Modern

Tibet West, Central Asia, Himalayas

Turko-Mongol Lands - Altai/Uygur

Turkmenistan - Modern


Vendidad nations

Yazd Zoroastrian/Sacred Sites

Aghanistan Relief Map

Physical map of Afghanistan, administrative division into 34 provinces following the administrative reform from 2005 and based on topographic data: NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission at SRTM30 V2.1. Image credit: Anonymous at Wikipedia